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For you and your boat



An open canoe, perfect for a trip thanks to a higher seat, comfort, and the capacity to carry all the baggage you might need for your journey. For use with 2 single paddles.


Unsinkable self-emptying canoe

A polyethylene canoe formed from a double shell which makes it unsinkable and easy to empty. It is stable and manoeuvrable; its high seating means it avoids many of the splashes and thus allows its use throughout the year. Usually for two people, nevertheless all our models have room for a child (between 6 and 11) in a 3rd. place. For use with two single paddles.

Sit-on-top kayak.

Very stable and easily guided, this is an excellent boat for summer activities. Its double shell (unsinkable) has holes which allow water to drain out in untimely bad weather! The low seating allows for the use of 2 double paddles.

Sit-on-top kayak.

This is the first-class traditional kayak which is used with a fixed skirt. Extremely manoeuvrable and lively, its use will require one or two training sessions before taming the beast! This is the boat which will let the initiated descend practically any type of river! For use with a double paddle.


Kayak ponté

C'est le kayak traditionnel par excellence, que l'on utilise avec une jupette. Très manœuvrier et joueur, son utilisation demande quelques séances d'initiations avant de maîtriser la bête ! C'est l'embarcation qui permet aux initiés de descendre quasiment tous type de rivières ! Utilisation avec une pagaie double.


Extra equipment.

The equipment is supplied at the centre before your transport on the bus.
There is a choice of 6 sizes of lifejackets and paddles for your use.
All our lifejackets are treated with an antibacterial spray after each outing.
Waterproof containers are also provided so that you can protect your personal effects from splashes and bad weather conditions!


For your own personal equipment, make sure you have :

  • footwear which will stay on your feet,
  • a cord for your glasses or sunglasses,
  • and clothing suitable for the weather of that particular day.
  • Make certain you have sun protection and drink to prevent dehydration.


Some of our equipment will be available for sale second-hand at the end of the season.