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Le monde souterrain

Edouard Martel is the father of caving. In 1888, together with his colleagues, he achieved the first crossing of Bramabiau (The Wailing Bull), an underground river in the department of the Gard.
Although it was a scientifically-based activity, it was much later, in the middle of the 20th. Century, that it became a sport centred on adventure and exploration.

Description of the activity :
Dressed in a wet suit and a helmet with an electric or acetylene gas light, one discovers the underground world. Caverns that are either horizontal or vertical, subterranean rivers hollowed out in the rocks are there to be freely explored…a magical and mineral world!
Throughout the Lot there are about 1300 listed caves ! A real wonderland which will enchant both young and old.


Initation à la spéléo : 28 € / 1/2 journée / pers

Perfectionnement en spéléo : 45 € / per

VIA CORDA : 32 € /1/2 journée / pers

Séance privée (escalade, spéléo...) pour 1, 2 ou 3 prs : Forfait 1/2 journée : 135 €


The Department of the Lot
and the Causses of Quercy.


Beginners and experts…from aged six for the easiest caves.

With our equipment, wet suits, helmets and lights, harnesses and kit to descend and climb….and accompanied by our state qualified instructors.


Sweat-shirt or light-weight fleece, loose-fitting trousers, boots or trainers.


Half a day for the initiation course, one day to perfect techniques, 2 days for advanced training.


Throughout the year!