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Hiking with a theme. Local flora and fauna, heritage, history and pre-history, introduction to map-reading and orienteering, understanding the countryside, customised distances arranged.

Orienteering - Crosscountry or scoring

To hike in geographically remote regions, we offer an accompanying guide, particularly for the high areas of the Pyrenees and the Alps.


 Where ? In the the Pyrenees and the Alps for training and guided tours.

Who ? Groups, individuals for training, beginners and experienced people

Comment ? With our companions for average mountains or guides for high mountains

What must I bring ? Suitable comfortable clothing, hiking boots, a flask....

How long ? Half a day, one day and two days for further training

When ? All year round!


Conduché - 46330 BOUZIES - Tel : 05 65 24 21 01 - Mail :