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Descent into canyons, swimming in rapid waters, descent by abseiling, toboggan, jumps….all on our programme!

Where? The Department of the Lot, the Massif du Ségala, the Massif du Caroux and the Pyrenees are all in the training programme.

Who? Beginners or more experienced canyoners from 13 years old. You must be able to swim.

How? With our equipment: wet suits, helmets and harness, and our state-qualified instructors.

What do I have to bring? A swimsuit, a change of clothes, trainers or climbing shoes and socks, (preferably wool), a cord for your glasses/sunglasses. Bring a picnic such as sandwiches, energy bars, and a flask.

How long? One day for the canyons in the Lot
Two days for the further stages.

When? From May to October depending on water and weather conditions.


Conduché - 46330 BOUZIES - Tel : 05 65 24 21 01 - Mail :