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Canoe-kayak :

Introduction in calm water

Further instruction in the activity during the descent of the river, for ½-day, a full day or even a short tour.

Supervision of the outing including such topics as:

environment, heritage information, water games, training about water movements and techniques on how to deal with them.




Where? The valleys of the lot and Célé.

Who? School parties, associations, holiday parties, groups of friends, individuals, business groups..... To take part in canoe/kayak activities, it is essential to be able to swim.

How ? With our aquatic equipment: canoe or kayak, life-jackets, paddles, and with our qualified supervision (state diploma)

What do I have to bring ? Shoes or sandals which will stay on your feet, a cord for your glasses, clothing suitable for the season, a light raincoat, a bottle of water, headgear and sun protection.

How long ? ½ day or full day outings. Longer trips of several days are also available

When? From the end of March until the end of October, depending on water and weather conditions.


Conduché - 46330 BOUZIES - Tel : 05 65 24 21 01 - Mail :